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The following statement appears in teh Library Support Staff Interest Round Table's April 15 issue of their newsletter ( :

The American Library Association has the very big job of representing our profession for every library, every library worker (over 50k members) and every library stakeholder on every library issue! Annually, each ALA president selects an initiative or focus that supports ALA's strategic initiatives for addressing issues - advocacy, information policy, and professional and leadership development. My choice for my presidential initiative is to focus on leadership and specifically - leading with who we are- that is, leading by focusing on library worker expertise and value. And - I deliberately chose "library worker" to be inclusive in my initiative and to illustrate my commitment to the breadth of library employees in the field.

This commitment; however, isn't new for me. For the past fifteen years, I have been a presenter in the Texas State Library and Archives Commission Small Library Management program, designed to educate librarians and other stakeholders in the smallest Texas public libraries, most of whom do not have library master's degrees. My current state association service is the design and delivery of a webinar series (with almost 1,000 registrants) A 2 Z: Diverse and In-depth Training for Library Support Staff. In addition, I created extensive training curriculum to educate frontline staff on their advocacy roles and responsibilities for Camila Alire's ALA presidential initiative.

Challenges to library workers in library and information settings are great and all support staff employees, critical to the organization, must be actively involved in the profession to be successful in applying their knowledge and experience to our systems and processes. ALA’s support and commitment must reach to all of these library employees and stakeholders and presidential initiatives must be broadly based to reflect the breadth of the profession. My initiative on leading with a focus on the expertise and value of ALL employees will represent this breadth of the field and will require partnerships with all of ALA’s membership – and especially – the membership of LSSIRT to articulate roles and responsibilities of today's and tomorrow's library support staff.

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