Candidate Q's and A's - HOW many did YOU have? and BCALA
February 12th, 2015 3:53 pm
I knew this was an unusual election for many reasons but I REALLY knew it when I asked a former president how she managed to complete all of the requests for Q and A she got while running for president. She surprised me by saying that other than the usual candidate postings and a long-standing Divison Q and A, she didn't get any at all!
So I decided to add my answers to the myriad of questions I received to my candidacy website blog posting so that a wider variety of people might see them AND so that people could see the great diversity and specificity of our Q and A's. Also, while it's never possible for everyone to talk to all candidates before reviewing or critiquing their statements or talking to them, I have singled out the ones I have posted below because the groups included here when to GREAT trouble to include all candidates equally and I am VERY appreciative of the time and effort that went in to their processes.


I presented my platform at BCALA's Midwinter meeting. They had a large group in attendance and a busy agenda but the audience had great questions and comments following and then -post midwinter - followed up with very specific questions. The link to their newsletter is here and I am including it because it is a phenonmenal publication in look, feel and information. My answers to questions:

1.  What are some ideas you have, if any, for increased collaboration between ALA and the ethnic caucuses, including BCALA?

Although there are a variety of suggestions for disparate groups to come together in associations (summits, aligning strategic plans, and so on) ALA’s current vehicle – the Task Force (TF) on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” is ideal for increased collaboration. Their charge – “to develop a plan and strategic actions to build more equity, diversity, and inclusion among our members, the field of librarianship, and our communities” will assess what has been successful such as contiguous or tracks for programs, shared programs and sponsorships, and identifying programs and best practices and build on Task Force discussion and expertise to bring new levels of planning for ALA’s diverse groups - especially the ethnic caucuses and BCALA. I am hopeful that the TF can also address funding issues with suggestions for expanded ALA support for caucus and BCALA income and fundraising. 2. How do you think issues of r  Read more...

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